Keyword Monkey update

10/04/06. Some small Keyword Monkey updates to report.

  1. You can now do site searches against the main engines in the main keyword monkey table.
  2. We have increased the number of keywords you can see on one page to 100. NB: If you want to see all keywords on one page, please export all keywords in CSV format and view in a spreadsheet.

Cart Recovery update

We are now also capturing the phone number of a visitor who didn't complete the checkout process. So you will now get dropped cart information if the visitor has provided an email adress and/or phone number.

Zero Results Optimizer upgrade

We have added a nice little enhancement to our Zero Results Optimizer. You can now see in Google Analytics what visitors were searching for on your site that resulted in an empty search results screen. Keep an eye on this report to see if visitors are consistently looking for something that you don't have. Or perhaps, they are using a different terminology than you are. In this case, consider adding the appropriate text to a caption field so that the search does not come up empty the next time. Remember that you have to enable ZERO in your tools page if it isn't already the case.  Continue reading