The Yahoo! Store cart recovery service

Image We are pleased to announce the release of the Yahoo! Store cart recovery service. How many shoppers start to enter their details in the checkout pages, but don't complete the sale? Here is a way for you to find out and do something about it.

This is a premium service. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

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How effective will the cart recovery tool be for you?

Each Yahoo! Store is unique, and the number of dropped carts you will see for your Yahoo! Store and your success rate at recovering those carts can vary greatly. The ROI of this tool is also dependent on your particular circumstances, such as your gross profit margin.

The cart recovery service is priced according to the number of dropped carts we track for you: Pay-Per-Cart. Our model is therefore very similar to the Pay-Per-Click model known from Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing.

We provide you with the necessary information to contact these visitors, but how successful you are in converting these visitors is ultimately up to you.

Use the data gathered during your trial period to determine if the cart recovery service could make sense for your Store.

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Follow-up with those customers and offer assistance to help them complete the sale. In your account, use our handy ROI calculator to figure out the potential extra profits you can achieve each month.


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When a dropped cart happens, our service will email you after the specified time interval and you can see details of this data in your account or by email. In addition to name and email, you can also specify to have the phone number – if it was entered by the visitor during the checkout – to be sent to you, giving you an additional way to contact visitors.

You can also use an email auto-responder service to completely automate follow-messages. 


Is my Google Analytics data safe?

The Web Analytics Connector does not access data in your Google Analytics account and therefore does not require you to supply your login information or grant our application API access to Google Analytics. You have the option to automatically execute customized tracking methods (such as event tracking) on your site, but none of data thus collected by Google Analytics contains personally identifiable information (PII).