Version 2.0.8

New in this version:

  • [NEW] Daily report sent out if any active account has had no visits the previous day. (private spaces only)
  • [NEW] Integrated EmailLabs API
  • [NEW] Monitus list in EL now tracks email changes, subscription mode changes, etc…
  • [NEW] CR tracking in EL now tracks conversions
  • [NEW] Created procedure to transfer store from one private space to the other
  • [MOD] CR tracking in EL now tracks drop date
  • [MOD] Enabled the new URL makeup switch in user's account
  • [MOD] CR email and phone now normalized (email trimmed, phone set to digits only)
  • BETA: 08/27/08
  • LIVE: 09/09/08
  • 10/16/08: switched to password-based EL calls
  • 10/16/08: added “on store” dots to the transaction assist reports