Monitus Tools v2.4

We have not posted a new version in a while – but it does not mean we were not actively working on one! Version 2.4 of our tools bring two very exciting new features:

The Monitus Toolbar for your Store Editor

Ever wondered how to use all that analytics data? Surely you’ve done some digging already, but extracting valuable, actionable data from that mountain of stats can be daunting. We have worked along with Rob Snell to bring some of his SEO techniques to you, right where you work, in the Store Editor. And using your Google Analytics data, we can now suggest a few ways to improve elements on your pages to, hopefully, increase conversions. This is powerful stuff – dynamite stuff, in fact – so don’t delay, have a look today!

Google Website Optimizer Experiment Wizard

We already launched the A/B Wizard a while back… But this is something else: we have worked very hard to bring you a wizard that makes it easier to create multivariate experiments. And the best part is, you only install our code once – then you can launch as many experiments as you want without re-publishing your store! Fast and easy – just like our other tools. Contact us for more information…

We will be going over each new tool in detail over the next few weeks, so please stay tuned!