Upgrade to v4.0

To upgrade a store’s installation to the new v4 one liner:

  • Install the new code: Remove all traces of the old installation code: the static header file, and the monitus_init snippet. Replace with the new instructions, in the merchant’s .monitus.net account.
  • Clean up: Remove any usage of the old "pqTracker" variable, and make sure the merchant’s .monitus.net account is upgraded to use only one GA tracker.
  • Adjust custom code:
    • Use the new callback method instead of the legacy "monitus_ga_callback", or the even older still "monitus_ga_init", "monitus_customize_ga_tracker", and "monitus_final_callback"
    • Transform all MUI function calls into jMUI equivalent function calls. NOTE: consult the jMUI documentation for the updates parameter list and format! jMUI is jQuery-based, which changes the way you pass object or selectors to functions. If for some reason you must keep using the old MUI library, please make sure to load it before the new monitus one-liner; our code will then automatically load a translation library that transforms MUI calls to jMUI equivalents. Note however that this is not as efficient (extra file to load, extra code to run) so moving to the new jMUI call should be the end goal here.

Monitus Data Quality Degraded

In an effort to provide greater compatibility with 3rd party scripts, the new code introduced a bug that resulted in degraded data quality. We noticed the error on 03/06/2013 and fixed it immediately. The issue was hard to spot because of the delays incurred by all the different caching mechanisms in place to make the .monitus.net code load quickly on your store.

Please accept our sincere apologies
Jean and Michael.