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There are many aspects to running a successfull e-commerce operation. Developed specifically for the Yahoo! Store platform, Monitus Tools is a set of affordable and easy-to-use web-based applications that are designed to give you actionable data you can use to optimze your Yahoo! Store.

Our tools are used by some of the largest and most successful Yahoo! Stores and have proven themselves in high-traffic scenarios.

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Gather the key information you need to make more with your Yahoo! Store in just minutes. Requiring only a small piece of Javascript code to be added to your site, our tools are a snap to install and easy to use


Free 30-day trial and free installation


View e-commerce data in Google Analytics and find out your most valuable keywords. Learn about visitors who abandon the checkout process and how they interact with your Yahoo! Store.


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Use our tools to create a more relevant and better converting e-commerce site. Monitus Tools will give you actionable data you can use from day 1 to optimize your Yahoo! Store.




What is Monitus Tools?

We believe that there are not enough useful applications specifically developed for the Yahoo! Store platform. We set out to change this by developing tools that meet the following criteria:

  • Real ROI-based tools: you should make more money or save time as a result of using them.
  • A low monthly cost to you and no other charges.
  • Easy on – easy off: leave at any time, no contracts to sign.
  • Easy to use and easy to install: for a limited time, we’ll install our tools for free if you wish.
  • Only one codebase to maintain: when we improve our tools you will get the benefit immediately.

Garbage KM data

New: Want to see Keyword Monkey data directly in Google Analytics? Get the Analytics Fox extension for Firefox

You may have seen useless "keywords" such as 49df1b7b1080dff2ab23cc8b… Well, these are searches coming from AOL and it seems that AOL masks the actual keyword. You will also see these "keywords" in your Google Analytics account. There is unfortunately little we can do about this as this is what AOL sends along as referrer information.

Keyword Monkey update

Keyword Monkey update. We have implemented a full-text search engine to make Keyword Monkey faster and more robust. The "In Store" column is back, but you can now also export your keyword data as a csv file, which will tell you if the search term is in your store as an exact match, broad match or not at all. We hope you'll appreciate to have this data in a more user-friendly format.

Yahoo! Store Fridays

We will be doing more webinars and adding training resources over the coming weeks. You can see that I have added a new tab in the top navigation called "Learn ". We have two webinars scheduled already for Dec 1 and Dec 8, so please check it out.