Keyword Monkey Update

You may have noticed that we have been reworking the Keyword Monkey email report. The reason why we did this can be summed up in one word: actionability. Analytics tools are great for collecting keywords, but where do you start with optimizing if you have hundreds or thousands of keywords? We asked ourselves the same question and decided that it would be more valuable to present relevant information in the email rather than keeping a separate interface for the Keyword Monkey. All your keywords are being collected in your Analytics program and it does not make sense to keep two or more interfaces running at the same time that essentially show the same information. You can see and export keywords from Google Analytics and there will be an API soon to get keywords directly. If you do miss the Keyword Monkey interface we are rolling out an update to our Transaction Assist report that will allow you to export keyword information that you cannot at this point get anywhere else. I will write about the Transaction Assist capabilities separately.

Here is a simple process for using Keyword of the Day (KOTD).

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