Intro Web Analytics Connector

Web Analytics for online retailers done right

Shopping cart abandonment solution by Monitus Tools

Having reliable web analytics data and proper attribution of your marketing campaigns and keywords is the basis for optimizing your site. The Web Analytics Connector enables Google Analytics to properly track Yahoo! Store e-commerce transactions. See how shoppers interact with your site in a way that you can understand and help you improve your online store. And of course, we offer a free trial with free installation so that you can start analyzing your data instead of worrying about proper implementation.

But we didn’t stop there and have added a number of additional capabilities that online retailers need, such as tracking coupon usage, checkout errors, SEO keyword ranking, and more…

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Version 2.2.8

  • [NEW] New Google Website Optimizer A/B testing experiment wizard
  • [MOD] Carts are now marked as "contacted" automatically, when the cart data is sent to an email service.
  • [MOD] Simplified PersonaQuest daily report.