Yahoo PCI rollout

We have been made aware that the recent PCI rollout by Yahoo Small Business has caused issues for some merchants.



(Screenshot taken on 9/7/2016 from the Yahoo System status page)

We’d like to inform our valued customers that our code does not interact with any sensitive credit card data and does not therefore interfere with the credit card verification process. Furthermore, our code does not do any kind of form validation on checkout pages. Please double-check any other scripts that might try to validate any form fields.

We’d be happy to address any specific questions or concerns directly to anyone.

Migration to new email platform

We are switching to a new email provider for the cart recovery service: SparkPost. All functionality will stay the same, with the exception of the temporary removal of the following graphs in the cart recovery dashboard: Emails Sent and Email Open/Click Rate.

The reason for this is that SparkPost has not yet launched Subaccounts, which is a required feature for our app to provide these metrics. According to Sparkpost, subaccounts will be rolled out in April 2016.


Enhanced Ecommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce is a set of new Google Analytics features and reports that are, as the name suggests, geared towards online retailers. It allows for analysis and reporting that was simply not possible before. Up to now, the only time you actually send ecommerce and product data to Google Analytics was on the order confirmation page. You’d have no idea how many times those products were actually viewed, added or removed from the cart. With enhanced ecommerce you can now get true product conversion rates. You can even track refund data from canceled orders.


Naturally, the ability to capture and send this data to Google Analytics requires new tagging and significant programming. Luckily, we have done all the hard work so you don’t have to! Out of the box, we capture:

  • Product SKU views.
  • Product add-to-carts.
  • Product removes from cart.
  • Product checkouts.
  • Coupon tracking.
  • Product refunds of canceled orders.

In order to add this to your account you’ll have to: