Transaction Assist attribution model

Transaction Assist will send you a daily snapshot email of the transactions from the day before with the visit history. The real power lies in our reporting module that allows you to download the transaction assist data over a period of time with various attribution models built in: First Touch, Last Touch, Average, Weighted, Straight Line. You can also ignore certain referrers that you don’t want to attribute credit to, such as navigational or brand name keywords.

You can expect to find many additional valuable assist keywords that web analytics reporting would show to be non-converting.

Transaction Assist attribution model

What is Transaction Assist?

Transaction Assist shows you the visit history leading up to a transaction and allows you to create and analyze your own marketing attribution model. Visitors interact with your site across multiple visits and multiple sources, but web analytics will typically only give credit for a conversion to the last touch or visit. Ad conversion tracking, such as Adwords or Shopping Comparison Engines, will give credit to the first touch. These different methods of attributing credit will in turn give you different reports that are hard to reconcile.

Transaction Assist multiple visits

The example above shows the visit history leading up to a transaction. The first touch came from an Adwords ad, but the last one was from Google Organic. Adwords reporting will show a conversion, but web analytics will credit the conversion to the last Google Organic visit, not the initial Adwords visit. You can also see interactions in between that have provided valuable assists that may have played an important role in the conversion process, but which would be hidden in web analytics reporting.