Missing Product Categories in Google Analytics – FIXED

This morning (July 23rd) we were notified that product categories were not sent to Google Analytics (GA) yesterday, July 22nd. We apologize for the trouble, and are actively working at fixing the issue. We will post back here as soon as we are satisfied the issue has been resolved. Note that because of the normal delays in GA, the problem might be fied before we report back, but we will only post an update once we are convinced it is truly gone. We are very, very sorry about this. Monday, July 25th 2011 – 6:15 AM (PDT): We confirm that this issue is now resolved, and has been since roughly 7AM (PDT) on Saturday July 23rd. Again, our sincere apologies for this.

Website Optimizer Wizard

Google’s Website Optimizer (GWO) interface for setting-up experiments is not the easiest one to use – particularely for a Yahoo! store. So we have designed a Google Chrome Browser extension to not only simplify the set-up of experiments in GWO, but also to give you a few standard experiments that are easy to set-up so you can start testing your store’s pages quickly. Plus, with our code installed, you can start experiments without having to re-publish your store – as long as the elements you want to test already exist on the page. And really, they should…

To get started, simply install this browser extension in Google Chrome, and then go to your GWO account and start creating experiments!
Please open this page in Google Chrome to install the Monitus Website Optimizer Wizard extension.

Missing Monitus data July 5th-8th

This morning we identified a problem in our system that affected all our merchants: it appears conversions in our system were not tracked properly, so any report relying on conversion data (Transaction Assist, Keyword of the day, etc.) would show very little or no data. The bug was introduced with this week’s upgrade of our tools, which happened on Tuesday, July 5th. Google Analytics data, is fine, however.

We have now fixed the issue, so that tomorrows reports should be (almost) complete (missing the few conversions before the fix was issued this morning) and then Sunday’s reports should be completely back to normal. Unfortunately, the data of the past few days can not be retrieved.

We are extremely sorry for the trouble, and remain committed to give you useful tools and exceptional customer support.

Thank you.

Jean Le Clerc, lead developer for Monitus.

Monitus Tools v2.8

More personas to your party…

PersonaQuest – Part 2

As promised, we have aded a few more persona types to our Persona Quest tool

  • Based on visit’s page depth: Target visitors based on how many pages they have seen in a single visit.
  • Periodic visits: Target all visitors to your store, based on when they visit.
  • Based on current cart total: Target visitors based on the total amount in the cart.

As we hear back from you, or find new and interesting ways to segment your customers, we will be adding more persona types.

Easy, sexy image-badging function

For those of you using our Monitus javascript libraries, we have just created a new function to easily badge images on a page. This is great to add a small “New” icon to product images on category pages… But the sky is the limit – start badging them images my friend!

Easy-peasy javascript injection

A very powerful feature: start easily adding javascript snippets to your store, on any page, without re-publishing your store or checkout! This is explosive stuff, so for now only certified explosive specialits can do this, on demand, for your own protection… But, we just might open-up this to you guys down the road, if you are nice…