Missing Monitus data July 5th-8th

This morning we identified a problem in our system that affected all our merchants: it appears conversions in our system were not tracked properly, so any report relying on conversion data (Transaction Assist, Keyword of the day, etc.) would show very little or no data. The bug was introduced with this week’s upgrade of our tools, which happened on Tuesday, July 5th. Google Analytics data, is fine, however.

We have now fixed the issue, so that tomorrows reports should be (almost) complete (missing the few conversions before the fix was issued this morning) and then Sunday’s reports should be completely back to normal. Unfortunately, the data of the past few days can not be retrieved.

We are extremely sorry for the trouble, and remain committed to give you useful tools and exceptional customer support.

Thank you.

Jean Le Clerc, lead developer for Monitus.