Monitus Tools v2.8

More personas to your party…

PersonaQuest – Part 2

As promised, we have aded a few more persona types to our Persona Quest tool

  • Based on visit’s page depth: Target visitors based on how many pages they have seen in a single visit.
  • Periodic visits: Target all visitors to your store, based on when they visit.
  • Based on current cart total: Target visitors based on the total amount in the cart.

As we hear back from you, or find new and interesting ways to segment your customers, we will be adding more persona types.

Easy, sexy image-badging function

For those of you using our Monitus javascript libraries, we have just created a new function to easily badge images on a page. This is great to add a small “New” icon to product images on category pages… But the sky is the limit – start badging them images my friend!

Easy-peasy javascript injection

A very powerful feature: start easily adding javascript snippets to your store, on any page, without re-publishing your store or checkout! This is explosive stuff, so for now only certified explosive specialits can do this, on demand, for your own protection… But, we just might open-up this to you guys down the road, if you are nice…