The Benchmark

Measure your Store's relative performance against other Yahoo! Stores. The y axis displays the average orders per day for all Stores and your Stores's orders per day. The x axis displays the last seven days. Benchmark

We take your privacy seriously! We only track number of orders and nothing else. Your Store's number of orders is aggregated with those of other Stores and there is no information that could be derived about your Store. Of course, if you prefer, you can opt out of this service at any time on the "Your Tools" page.

Keyword Monkey CSV export and Google PowerPost

You can now export keywords easily with Keyword Monkey in csv format, so that you can do further analysis of your keyword data. You can select individual keywords, all keywords on a page or all keywords.

 Keyword Monkey CSV

We have also added an automatic Google Adwords Powerpost builder. Using the same data provided by Keyword Monkey you can easily and quickly create a Google Adwords Powerpost file.  Specify the minimum bid amount and then click the button.

 Keyword Monkey Google Powerpost

The next page will generate the data in the right format. Please note that we use the Yahoo! Store internal search results page as the landing page, e.g., to generate relevant landing pages automatically.

Google Powerpost results