Data access to Google Analytics and Yahoo Store for refund data

In order to send refund data of canceled orders, our app needs to have access to the Google Analytics API and the Yahoo! Store Order API. Note that if you do not want or need to track refund data, you can still get Enhanced Ecommerce. Also note that refunds are checked once daily.

Here is how to enable this:

Log in to your account and click on Analyze > Web Analytics Connector in the Tools Settings menu:


Click on the button to grant our app access to your Google Analytics data and follow the prompts.


Load the same page again and make sure you select the right view in case you have more than one view for the same profile:


In the Store Manager, click Real-Time Links.


Add New Partner:


Enter: ypa-005238765647


Check the Order API option. Click Next to accept the terms and you’re done!