Introducing the Monitus Inspector

Do you really need another toolbar? Well, we believe so. If there is one thing that we believe in, it’s using data to make informed decisions. We use web analytics data to find out what works and what doesn’t on our sites and then take action. The trouble can sometimes be that we don’t have a clear process for optimization in the face of “too much data”.

With the Monitus Inspector we try to help with the process. The Monitus Inspector is a toolbar that pulls and displays data from your web analytics account right inside the Store Editor. You simply enable it in your Monitus Tools settings and it will then be visible when you work in the Store Editor.

Anyway, please see for yourself in this short 4 minute video:

This is a beta release, so we would welcome your feedback. Just a couple of notes. When you enable the Monitus Inspector it places a cookie on your browser, so if you delete cookies you’ll have to set it again. And Internet Explorer is not currently supported, so please use one of the other main browsers.

To get started, just login to your Monitus Tools account!