Javascript Monitus Object Settings

Here are the different settings you can use to customize the monitus code on a store’s pages:

  • int – required The store ID assigned by Monitus
  • monitus.health_check bool This stores participates in our daily stats for speed and health graphs. Mainly beta stores for now.
  • monitus.allow_frames bool Allow our code to run if it is called form within an iframe?
  • monitus.tools_off string Comma-delimited list of tool IDs to turn off (bypass)
  • monitus.callback function The callback used by our code at different point in its execution. See the documentation here
  • monitus.ga_mode number Load Classic GA and/or Universal Analytics? 0-none; 1-GA only; 2-UA only; 3-GA and UA
  • monitus.ga_url string – url The url to use for the GA javascript library.
  • monitus.ga_page string The page name to send to GA.