Kudos from the big guys!

Google announced the launch of their Google Apps Gallery on Monday at Emetrics San Jose and guess who made it into the gallery premiere release? Come on – take a shot… That’s right baby: the big M.net! Nor only that, we were (and still are at the time of this writing) the sole application in the E-commerce section… Check it out! Not too shabby!

So why is Google giving us such visibility exactly? Why, thank you for asking you polite reader you… We made it in there for our cool Web Analytics Bridge tool, in particular for our groovy use of events and custom variables… And, while Michael’s not around, let me tell you… There’s some exciting stuff coming on that front – please stay tuned!

Anyway, if you have not started using events yet, please check it out – and contact us if you have questions or need help with anything!