New consulting available: audit and testing

I believe that every business needs great data, but they key is to actually use the data for conversion optimization.

We’ve spoken with lots of Yahoo! Store retailers and one theme comes up consistently. These retailers fully understand the value of data but might need some help finding the “right” data. They also understand the bottom-line impact of A/B testing but don’t have the time or expertise to handle testing in-house.

We recently started a pilot program with a few our customers. Using their actual web analytics data, we produce a comprehensive report that includes a targeted shortlist of low-hanging, high-impact conversion opportunities. This report costs $499 and comes with a one hour phone consultation where we discuss every aspect of our analysis. Retailers can then either use our recommendations themselves or continue working with us and let us handle the whole test planning and implementation.

If you’d like to get more info about this limited program, please let me know!