Service Issue

An issue with one of our servers today produced a small disruption in our services. The episode lasted a little less than one hour, from 12:27 PM to 1:21 PM. We were warned of the issue within 30 minutes of the incident’s beginning, and were able to isolate and fix the issue rapidly.

We are sincerely sorry for the problems this may have caused you. Failures of this sort will unfortunately happen, and we are taking every step possible to make sure they don’t happen often. Our next effort will be in improving our response time.

It is to be noted that for those running the latest version of our code, your store would normally not have been prevented from displaying. The possible symptoms this would have caused would be the loading indicator running for longer than usual in your visitor’s browser (but again, the page would still be loaded and usable) and for those using some dynamic features like checkout buttons, those would not have loaded, or loaded more slowly.

For those of you still using our old code, you unfortunately would have seen slowness and, in the beginning of the incident, your page might have stalled on the monitus code. That is one of the major improvements of the new version of our tools, so if you were blocked by monitus tools, please contact us so we can see if your code needs upgrading – and we will upgrade it for free, at your earliest convenience.

We are thankful for the trust you show us by placing our code on your store, and are committed to offer the best service possible. Rest assured we are constantly improving our tools and monitoring to offer you the best possible service and turn-around in case of failures.

Thank you,

Michael and Jean.