Service Downtime

Last night our new web servers suddenly went silent, around 7PM Pacific Time. To make matters worst, our monitoring service failed to warn us of the downtime.

When the issue was discovered this morning at 4AM Pacific Time, it was immediately fixed. But that unfortunately means that Google Analytics data will be missing for that time period.

Any store using our latest code installation would still have loaded their pages unimpeded; however, any store still using our older code installation might have seen their pages slower to load. We urge anyone of you that has “monitus_init” installed on their store pages to contact us so we can schedule a code upgrade and avoid slow downs in the future.

We are now actively seeking the cause of the two problems (the web server fault and the monitor’s failure to warn us) to better prevent, and react to such incidents in the future.

Please accept our most sincere apologies,

Michael and Jean at