The Monitus Blog: Not Just Updates Anymore

In an effort to better explain all the toys and candies we here at Monitus include in your subscription, we have decided to add more posts to this blog. The goal here is to give you a quick tour of the tools we offer, and also explain the new developments, as we release them. And who better to do this job than the lonely code-monkey that creates them? (FYI, the “Keyword Monkey” tool i snot named after me – it’s named after my cousin, the other monkey)

My name is Jean, I’m Michael’s partner here at Monitus… Some of you have dealt with me in the past (a pleasurable experience I’m sure), those who have not yet, your time will come… ; ) I’m usually busy coding new features and new tools, so that’s why you don’t see me much. But I am as dedicated to this endeavour as Michael is, and my goal is always to make your life easier. Michael is my main inspiration, but we both hope that this blog will open a new channel of communication with you guys, and provide me with even more inspiration… Teh end result should be better, more useful tools for you.

So over the next few weeks I will start by taking you on a tour of our current offerings; I want to highlight what each tool does so that you can see the full potential of each tool. And as time goes by, I’ll highlight new features and new tools we introduce as our offering grows. And I strongly encourage you to leave me comments – we are totally opened to new ideas, comments, criticisms… We want to offer easy to use and valuable tools, and though we have a pretty good idea of how to get there, there’s no better judge than the user itself: you!

All right, so on that note, let us begin..