What is Keyword Monkey?

Keyword Monkey keeps track of both converting and non-converting keywords that brought visitors to your site. You can analyze those keywords in your .monitus.net account as a basis for optimizing the effectiveness of your Store.

You may be surprised to learn how many keywords resulted in sales in your Store, without those keywords actually being present in it. Keyword Monkey will tell you if a keyword is in your Store or not. Use this knowledge to add those converting keywords to an existing or new page in your Store. See Rob's blog post or read his book for more about the underlying logic of this approach.

Keyword Monkey goes to work on your behalf. Set your preference to receive by email a daily or weekly digest of your new and top converting keywords.

To use Keyword Monkey, log in to your .monitus.net account and click on "Your Tools". Set your preferences as desired and then click on "View Keywords".