How do I implement PersonaQuest?

If you already have the standard Monitus Tools tracking installed on your site, there is not much else to do except to place a simple tag where you want your custom content to show and create the custom content. In your Monitus Tools account click on PersonaQuest. Then select a segment and follow the instruction to add the required tag to a page on your site:

PersonaQuest code in Yahoo! Store editor

Use the simple table interface to create the rules and add the custom HTML content.

PersonaQuest interface

You can preview what the custom content will look like on your site by selecting the row and entering the URL of the page that contains the tag:

PersonaQuest preview

Repeat this for other visitor segments and be sure to hit Save as you go along. Once you set a rule to Online the Monitus Tools code will dynamically display the custom content where you placed the tag on your page. Pretty simple.