PersonaQuest segments and targeting

Here are some sample visitor segments you can target:

Visitor segment Sample personalized content
First-time visitors Direct visitors to a buyers guide
Repeat visitors Show newsletter sign-up form or direct to “contact us” page
Returning customers Highlight link to order status page
Visitors from a search engine Show personalized content that matches the search keyword
Visitors who abandoned the shopping cart Display a coupon code with link to shopping cart
Visitors who viewed certain pages Display related items on the homepage that match the interest of the visitor
Geographical location of visitors Show specific shipping and tax information based on state
Time-based targeting Display different content during the week and weekends or limited time offers
All visitors Set up simple a AB test to test headlines

We have purposefully tried to make PQ easy for merchants to use so that they can launch a personalization campaign quickly by themselves, without the need to go through account managers or consultants.